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Malaysian Sports Betting Odds

I’ve established that the best places for Malaysians to bet on sports are the online sportsbooks that are established outside of Asia, whether in Europe, North America or offshore.  This is to ensure your continued enjoyment and to avoid potential Asian-based legal issues.

There is one betting site that uses Malay odds format - it’s MarathonBet.  While I only list the top sportsbooks for Malaysian-based players, all other bookmakers display their match odds in a different format than the Malay odds to which you are likely accustomed.  All the listed sportsbooks below display odds in Decimal, Fractional and American formats.

Decimal is similar to Malay odds in that the numbers are expressed the same numeric format such as 1.55 or 2.37. An example of Decimal odds would be that if you are going to bet RM50 on Chelsea to beat Arsenal at decimal odds of 1.66, your potential payout equals 1.66 X 50 for RM83, where profit is RM33.  For Arsenal to win, odds are 5.25.  A RM50 bet would pay 5.25 X 50 for RM262.50 where 212.50 is profit.

American odds for the same game would display Chelsea -150 and Arsenal +425.

Malaysia Sports Betting Bonuses

Online sportsbooks often create promotions for free bets or sign-up bonuses.  As a Malaysian customer, you will be eligible for several offers.  However there are rules and restrictions that must be satisfied before you will be able to withdraw your bonus offer as cash.

I recommend that you choose a sportsbook based on how you see yourself playing in terms of banking issues, currency issues and of course how the sportsbook caters to your favourite sports.

However, I understand that bonuses are an issue of interest, so I explain which of my recommended sites have bonus offers and I explain the rules for each site in simple terms.

Choose Decimal, American or Fractional Odds with these Sportsbooks

Malaysian Mobile Sports Betting

In terms of mobile betting, each of the sportsbooks listed offers a mobile-optimised website that you may access from within Malaysia.  While many of these sportsbook companies provide mobile apps, they are only available within certain countries as limited by the various ‘app stores’ and thus are not generally available in Malaysia.

Despite this, know that the mobile sites offer a, fast nearly full-featured experience that will allow for in-play betting and offer essentially all available betting markets that are available with the normal desktop version.  Read more about this on the Malaysia mobile sports betting page.

Note that if you intend to use your mobile for betting, ensure that you do so out of plain sight.  As mentioned above, betting is still technically illegal and it is best that you do not overtly flout the law.  

Examples of Malaysian Odds

Malay odds are expressed as either positive or negative and are related to a set base unit. Malay odds are similar to American odds in format except that Malay odds are based on 1.00 unit stakes and American odds are based on 100 unit stakes.  The main difference however is that Malay odds are inverted compared to American odds. In other words positive American odds are negative for Malay, and negative US odds are positive for Malay.

For Malay odds, when a match outcome has a 50% chance of winning, it is displayed as 1.00 to represent even money. When you placed a bet at 1.00, then you would win the amount you staked on top of your initial stake being returned.  Positive Malay odds represent a probability of over 50% chance of winning and mean that you will need to stake more than you receive in profit – for example, odds of 0.75 indicate that you would make a profit of 0.75 units for every 1 unit wagered, so betting £50.00 on odds of 0.75 would return £87.50 with £37.50 of this being profit.

Negative figures have a probability of less than 50% and thus represent the underdog, meaning that you will receive more profit than your initial wager if the bet is successful – for example, Malay odds of -0.50 mean that you would win 1 unit profit for every 0.50 units staked, so staking $100.00 on odds of -0.50 would return $300.00 of which $200.00 is profit.

Benefits of Odds Comparison

If you wish maximize your potential returns, you may wish to use an odds comparison site like oddsjet.com.  This allows you to quickly see which online sportsbooks will offer the best odds for your bets of interest.  The range in available odds can be significant if you tend to bet on events in combination.

Top Odds at Malaysia Betting Sites

Pinnacle Sports operates as a reduced-juice sportsbook.  This means they don’t advertise or offer a sign-up bonus. The savings is passed back to bettors with consistently higher paying odds on all sports, not just football.  A favourite of high-stakes bettors. Read the Pinnacle Sports Malaysia review.


Unibet, headquartered in Sweden, provides some amazing coverage of sports betting, especially with their coverage of niche sports like ice hockey, though football is their top sport.  Read the Unibet Malaysia review.

Go! Go!

William Hill is one of the oldest names in sports betting, established in 1934. William Hill covers all sports well, but football is their focus.  They have an excellent site and many betting markets.   Read the William Hill Malaysia review.